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Minnesota Lot Loans

  • Up to 80% financing
  • Monthly payments spread out over 15 years
  • Allows you to secure today's price on land even if you prefer to build at a much later date

If you have any questions about a Minnesota Lot Loan or any other type of Minnesota home loan financing, please feel free to contact one of our Minnesota mortgage brokers toll free at (888) 694-0455 today or fill out our "Minnesota Home Loan Quick Quote" form. We have cut the middle man and large corporate overhead to bring you the best possible Minnesota lot loan rates and lowest fees.

Have you just found the perfect lot in which you would like to start planning the building of your dream home? If you are not planning on building immediately then a Minnesota lot loan would be the loan for your project. By receiving a lot loan, you are entitled to reasonable down payment plans, competitive pricing, a balloon option that allows 2-5 years to begin construction, a fixed rate product is amortized over 30 years to insure a low payment. Let us help you with the process of a lot loan, regardless if this is for your future residence, or for a second home. When you are ready to build, we will be here to help you get home loan financing!

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